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Nic Jones writerThis website is nowhere near finished, I have a lot of pages still to add. Some of those pages will be about places people already know about. For example:-

  • Edinburgh (our capital).
  • Glasgow (our largest Scottish City).
  • Aberdeen (the energy capital of Europe not just Scotland).

So I would welcome your thoughts on how I continue to prioritise building this website on some of the Unknown Parts of Scotland.

If there are some parts of Scotland that you know well. It could be a national park, a small town or village. It could even be in the middle of no-where. Read more about me and what I am interested here.

If you would like to write a page (or more) please get in touch below.

Contact me here

Thanks I appreciate any offer of help. But not if you are just trying to sell me SEO services or other traffic generation scheme.

Nic Jones