About Me Nic Jones


I guess you want to know more about me.

I am Nic Jones. I live with my Jack Russell dog in Scotland just outside Aberdeen. That’s me here –>

Some years ago when in Glasgow college  I took a special interest in learning more about the country I grew up in. In particular its geography and history.

Although to be honest. To me local history at city, town and village level was always of more interest than the big national issues. Yes, the wars for independence led by Robert De Bruce and William Wallace were big important issues. I still support that fight to this day.

However it is when we look below the surface of what was happening at a national level we can start to see the effects on the more downtrodden people at the bottom of the ladder. These are the people who were not fighting to be kings or rulers of countries and able to collect taxes to increase their own family wealth. These people were fighting the injustice that was threatening their very life. They often had to fight to put food on the table for their family.

About This Website On Unknown Parts Of Scotland?

I am passionate about learning more about their day to day lifestyle. Alongside that I see vast chunks of our land are neglected and forgotten. That area was part of their legacy. Part of their struggle.

  • What was life like in the villages that were been run down through hunger and poverty?
  • What is the meaning behind some the names given to parts of our cities and towns?
  • Who were the real heroes.
  • What lies beneath our feet that has been forgotten/neglected?

I have now found myself financially independent. That means I don’t need to be spending so long working with a full time job. That job was draining both my time and energy to follow my passions. So I am now free to spend time visiting the parts of Scotland I have not yet been. I can also explore those areas I already know well and find out more about them.

My problem is however that the list I have is quite intense and I don’t really know where to start first.

Are you able to give me a prod? Push me into visiting somewhere and writing about it. If so, please get in touch. Just give me some clues or reasons to put your place nearer to the top of my list. Get in touch here. You could even draft up one or more pages for me to use. Either way please get in touch.

Note. I need to find places that are not just worthy of special attention from me but are also dog friendly.  Jack goes virtually everywhere I go.

Need to take Jack for a walk now. Speak Later